Friday, June 28, 2013

Review of HireWriters Article Writing Service

It's a proven fact that all writers need to eat in order to survive, but how can a writer do what they love and still manage to pay a few of those food bills? Like most writers, I have often asked myself the same question. The answer is simple, article writing.

Article writing actually covers a broad range of services. This can mean anything from writing blurbs and blogs to writing reviews or copywriting. Most articles can be written from your own home and delivered electronically. There are even websites that will connect you to clients at no charge to you. These websites provide a list of articles that clients need to be written with directions given by the clients, such as word count and what SEO keywords to use.

Once such article writing service I have found is  HireWriters functions like a job board for writers that connects them to  anonymous clients who have articles they need to be given. The writer is given the topic of the article with instructions for creating it, such as word length and keywords. Each article is listed by category and industry so its easy to find a job with a subject matter you are familiar with.

Unlike sites like Textbroker and Content Authority, HireWriters allows all writers to start right away. Everyone starts as a beginning writer, no matter their experience level. After writing an article for a client he or she can either accept it, ask for changes or decline it. Once you receive a certain number of accepted articles with positive reviews, you move up a level, and so on.

The higher your level is, the more you get paid. Beginner level articles pay anywhere from $1.18 to $3, but experts can earn up to 210 per article. Most articles can be written in three hours or less, especially once you get more experienced with the craft, so it should be easy to create three or more a day.

HireWriters pays you through Paypal so you should have an account ready. HireWriters pays every Friday so if you are diligent you can expect a nice little cash flow every week. HireWriters is not a get rich quick scheme.  You won't be able to quite your day job from the get go, but it is a nice residual income and great way to build your writing skills.

Overall, as article writing services go, this is probably the easiest site to work with. You can start writing right away and the staff is always ready to answer your questions. The site is very user friendly and everything is easy to find.

So, if you think article writing may be for you, join HireWriters' article writing service and start earning a residual income today.

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